504 Gateway Time-out

Hello! I am writing my research thesis and i want to use the “explore products by” feature but the page doesn’t load and it keeps showing the message “504 Gateway Time-out”. Is there any way to solve this?

Sometimes the 504 happens if the server is overloaded.

  • Have you tried in a different period?
  • Could you post the entire url that you’re requesting?

If you need raw data I would recommend using the data exports provided in Data (or in the wiki at Reusing Open Food Facts Data - Open Food Facts wiki)

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I have tried morning, afternoon, evening… and i am requesting this url https://world.openfoodfacts.org/categories, today upon my request it looks like this:

That’s really strange. I opened that now and it gives me, with some delay, a table with results.

I know for certain that the page /categories is really slow to load, because it has to do lots of work, but eventually it should display the table.

Issue is still there since july 24th , several tries, no success. Looks like if a part of server is down

If you need to access raw data you could use Mirabelle, in which you can do SQL queries to the daily CSV data export.

You can also download the CSV daily export. More details here.