Adding many products at one time

I was wondering if it would be realistic to:

  • take a (very) high resolution picture of a supermarket shelf
  • entering the photo in a system and getting back a barcode list
  • uploading the list to a robot and tell it: “all these barcodes are products sold in France, in the XXXX supermarket”, and let this robot publish these data in Open Food Facts

I guess the first question is: how high should be the picture resolution to allow a system recognize the barcodes. Has anyone made this kind of test?

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That’s a good idea.

I have a suggestion that don’t require very-high resolution picture : use the app “Binary Eye” (that can be downloaded from FDroid), activate the option “permanent scan” and export the barcode in CSV (you can do this within the app) to import this in OFF and add the data in the “store” field.

You can take that as a “low tech alternative”, I suppose. ^^

We do this, exposing how supermarkets are promoting GM’d produce as “Organic”.

The International Standard for produce labelling requires the producer to prefix their barcode with an ‘9’ if the produce is organic (not certified, just grown naturally) and an “8” if it GM’d that not natural.

As I cannot add a picture here, I will need to refer to our website in my next comment.

index is the link to a pic (first page) of the new Produce ID coding.

Please bear in mind that these websites are not yet released, so do not promote.

We are in Australia, and very keen to introduce the OFF’s new ‘ecologically rated’ method into our more objectively measured / rated approach.

We believe our FGF new approach and NBS ( technology tools have global potential so hope to find someone in France or elsewhere interested in what we do.