Categories of the forum

We are slowly building some kind of teams dedicated to some topics: internationalisation, moderators, data quality, and many more. But we have been told by many people they simply do not want to use Slack (they are more than we expected).

I think we could use the forum for this kind of teams/groups. The forum has interesting qualities:

  • it allows more structured discussions
  • it is more asynchronous: we don’t have to deal with the tyranny of immediate answers
  • topics (threads) allows to better filter information than on Slack (you only read the topics you want)
  • notifications by email is very interesting: there is both a weekly summary and the possibility to receive daily email for some categories

I suggest we could change the categories organisation:

  • create a Themes or Categories category
  • move Technology into Themes
  • create sub-categories of Themes: Data Quality (or Database), Producers, Communication, Events, etc.

These themes could contain both:

  • questions and answers about each theme,
  • but also discussions by people who want to contribute/want to be part of the people working on it (teams).

Let’s just start discussing, organisation can be done later.

I agree! It would be beneficial starting to move larger issues and topics here in my opinion