Community federation portal and gamification(Gsoc)

:wave: starting a discussion thread for people for improving project!

Hi , I’m Sumit Kashyap an open source enthusiast and this is first draft for this Project.


  • Creating platform that allow people to create group based on area of interest(location , products , brands etc.)

  • Implementing quick edit button for creating/modify product

  • Implementing robotoff and quality problem based on group interest(By fetching random/product question through robotoff api)

  • Badge system for members in groups

  • For communication and discussion providing open food facts forum / slack etc.

  • Graph to see current statistics of group


This is kinda rough design I need your though in this Figma

Sharing feedback

I hope you’ll like it! Feel free to drop your suggestion/ideas to make it better!

And you can answer the form here :

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