Create a new category for API/SDKs usage and general development using OFF db

There are a lot of questions on slack about the usage of the API, the SDKs and everything related to development using the off dataset.

It would be great to move these questions to the forum. The added benefits would be:

  • searchability by search engines (the first resource for many developers)
  • not having to answer the same question multiple times, as even discourse links you to similar topics when you try to post one

That’s why I propose creating a new category labelled “Development” with sub-categories (I think they’re called “labels” here) related to every SDK we support.

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Sounds good to me. We tried to limit the number of categories (so that we don’t end up with as many categories as Slack channels!), but having 1 category for Development is a good idea I think.

We could use labels for the various SDKs!

We now have a Technology - Open Food Facts Forum category :slight_smile:

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