Hello Alex, from France!

I joined the project in October 2022, so it’s quite fresh.
I have a long experience in open source software, learned programming by myself when I was 15, I think programming fits my mind, so I had no doubt I would study it. Later I started using Linux in 1998 (at the end of my studies where I discovered Unix), and all the free software philosophy.

I became interested in Python around 2004 (I love its expressiveness and pragmatism of its community) and made it my daily job since 2007 (at that there were really few opportunities in France), using Zope, and other interesting technologies. I’ve done a lot of things, mainly around document management, but also machine learning and devops.

I’m someone also interested in peace education and all values that comes along, I’ve done activities with teenagers. Most importantly, I try to live according to those values every day !

I’m also really interested in Open Data, as a way to help democracy be operational.
Concerning my relation to food, at the end of my studies, I had an internship improving an algorithm to balance meals for patient with diseases (with a publication), I also worked some months for a small food processing industry (smoked salmon). Today I think our food system is really key to health and ecology, so I’m really happy to help in this field.

You can find me on github as alexgarel