Hello Funke , from Nigeria

Hello everyone,

I am Funke Faith Olasupo from Nigeria. I just joined this project as a Google season of Docs participant and it feels really good to be here :heart_eyes:
I am currently in my 4th year of studying computer science. I currently lead the Google Developer Students Club on my campus. I have been a Backend engineer for 3 years with Laravel.

Lately, I started exploring Java. One year ago I decided to start out this technical writing journey and I am so glad about where I am right now. I just wanted to document bugs and write how-to guides as my way of contributing back to the community but it turned out to be an amazing career for me including get accepted to be here.

In relation to food, some people call me a foodie but asides from that I love it when diet balance is understood so it was just so amazing to be part of this project. I am hoping to have an amazing experience here, thank you!


Welcome Funke! It will be great to have your help to improve the Open Food Facts API documentation!

Hi Funke, nice to meet you, we’re excited to have you on the project! :star_struck: