Hello, I'm Bhuvan Ade from India

Hello there, I’m Bhuvan Ade, a sophomore at IIT ROORKEE, India. I have over two years of UI/UX experience. I also have experience with Flutter, which makes me capable of coding. I’ve also made a few previous contributions to the community. My vision is to implement and improve Open food facts’ usability, which could be accomplished while focusing on minor details, developing a design system, and revamping the UI. This will contribute in making our community and product more Incredible.


Welcome @bhuvan ! It would be great to have your help with UI/UX and/or coding on our Flutter app. :slight_smile:

Do you already have examples of things that we could easily improve?

Hello there, @Stephane. I notice many changes in the UI, including:
→ Lacks in design system
→ Brand guidelines
→ Iconography
→ Accessibility
→ Many visual design issues
I believe a redesign would be beneficial; if you believe these points can be considered, I’m ready to make a documented proposal.

Hi @bhuvan , that would be great! Do you think you could do it in an incremental way? e.g. starting to list a few things that could easily be fixed. It might be easier to implement things in small increments.

@stephane As I was discussing the design system and the entire design process, I mentioned things like user personas, user journey maps, heatmaps, style guides, illustration, and updating icons, which would help us modify and make changes to the existing, and the need for it. As a result, I believe the proposal would make it more appealing and expedite implementation. as I’m familiar with flutter, I can simply modify the front end later. Please share your thoughts as well.