Hello, I'm Gabriel, from France

Hello everyone !
I’ll do a quick presentation of myself as I’ll work as an intern for Open Food Facts for about 6 months (from September 2022 to Februray 2023).

I’m Gabriel Ben Zenou, 22 years old, and I do this internship for a gap year that I decided to take after having passed my second year in CentraleSupélec, a French engineering school. I did not yet specialize in any domain but, as my presence here shows it, I’m really interested in learning more about computer science in general an I’m eager to see more about open source coding.

Regarding what I’ll do with Open Food, I should be working on putting on a new model for embedding and a new library for approximate nearest neighbors methods for the robotoff-ann project. I will also bring some improvements to Robotoff by, maybe, participating in the elaboration of new models.
For the first two weeks, I will be discovering everything and trying to get used to the tools used by OFF. Starting on September 15, I’ll work with Raphaël Bournhonesque on the tasks mentioned above.

To be more casual and in order for you no to be afraid of me after such a serious presentation, as I’ll be working mid-time during this internship, I’ll have all my afternoons free of work ! But actually not really… Indeed I’ll be preparing the second part of my gap year trying to raise funds to make possible a trip in South-Asia with my association ShakeYourCity. This trip aims to identify diverse environmental initiatives developed by local populations and to give conferences back in France in a few schools to show alternative ways to our current industries, while posting on social networks news about the initiatives we met.
And when this job will be done, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of the day by playing guitar, running, reading or watching stupid stuff on the internet :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading all this and I look forward to working with you !