Hello, this is a tea lover from China

Hello everyone :smile:, Iโ€™m a tea worker from a Chinese company with 2 years working experience. I will share you guys some tea knowledege in the future, if you have any confusion about tea, Iโ€™d like to provide you with some help. Or we can discuss some tea problems together.


Welcome @LBTEAS :tada:

We have a taxonomy for food categories, this is a huge work but very useful (enable environmental impact computation, comparing products, etc., we got a presentation at open food facts days, but itโ€™s not online yet. see this wiki page maybe and this blog post)

@aleene did some very interesting work on juices for example, making sure products in those categories where real juices (see Orange juices or Apple juices)

Would you like to do it for teas ?

You can have discussions on slack channel called #taxonomies.

Welcome, great to have a tea specialist on board. If you would like to review our tea taxonomy that would be great. It would help consumers to compare tea products within the same category and hopefully make a better choice. Contact me on Slack @aleene if you have any questions

ok, I will visit taxonomies. :smile:

Thanks, I will review your tea taxonomy right now.

The category Teas is now a bit of a mess. The taxonomy needs to be redefined and categories of each product needs to be reviewed.
I started documenting here: Category/Leaf teas - Open Food Facts wiki

Sorry to reply you so late. I just know something about dry tea leaves, such as chun mee green tea, green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, etc. As for tea flavored drinks, I donโ€™t konw too much.