Hello 👋 Virgile, from France. Looking to interview OFF contributors / power users

Hi everyone,
I work at the French Accelerator for Citizens Initiatives.
We are thrilled that OFF was selected in our season 2. Our job will be to help the project collaborate with the public administration (among other aspects).
My background is in product management (I used to work on Decidim, another freesoftware project) and I love to get to know the contributors / power users of the project I work with.
If you are willing to get in a video conference call with me I’d love to learn more about your usage of OFF’s tools and get a sense of your experience as a contributor. You can contact me on virgile.deville[at]beta.gouv.fr
Have a nice day !
Looking forward to meet some of you :slight_smile:


Hi Virgile, maybe you could also spread the word on our Slack.