How is it possible

I’m just getting started with the app on Android and doing some testing.
On one product box I can see Nutriscore A while the value in the OpenFoodFacts app is E
My bielief is that the application is right but
1-how such difference can exist ?
2-who is right? The label on the product or the value in the app?
2- is it legal to communicate one Nutriscore value on the product wich is not consistent with others? I thought Nutriscore database was holding uniques values in a database
3 - using the bar code number (see below) I reach TheDiet web page wich provide a third Nutriscore value (D). See this page :

To tell the thruth I’m totally lost and I’m no longer sure about the confidence and trust I can have in Nutriscore values and the app.

The product is : Danone Hipro 3 033491 485756

Best regards, 40tude

Forget about point 3
I was wrong
It refers to thediet-score
The Nutriscore on the page is consistent with the one of OpenFoodFacts app (E)

See the nutriscore value as communicated on the product on this page :

Hi @40tude and welcome.

Can you provide the link to the product on Open Food Facts ?

It may happen that we did not compute the right value for Nutri Score. It might be because:

  • the nuts estimate from ingredients is wrong or not computed (if we don’t have it, but you can provide it manually in nutrition table),
  • or the nutrition table might not be up to date, or lacks some data,
  • lastly a wrong product category can also have influence.

You can report the Nutri Score displayed by the producer in the “labels” field. If it’s different from the one we compute, it will help put a quality error tag on the product, to help the quality team spot them.

Remember that we are a volunteer collective effort to provide the best data that we can. Nothing is perfect but every one can help improve the database !

The page is here :

On my side I went on nutriscore web site, got the excel sheet, filled it with the information available on the bottle and I got an E as well.

I’m curious and really willing to get a better understanding how such difference can happen so, please let me know.

Best regards

I gave it a Boisson proteinée (Protein shake) category, and the Nutri-Score now matches the on-pack Nutri-Score. It contains more than 80% milk per SpF.

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@40tude in case you want to modify other products from this product line please do :slight_smile: