How long does it take for photo of ingredients to be OCR'ed & the text to appear?

How long does it take for the ingredients I photographed and posted to be OCR’ed & the text to appear?

For this product that I added on January 20, 2023, has the ingredient list not been picked up by OCR due to bad image resolution? If so, I wish there was a prompt to uploader that the photo is not usable.

Is the system intelligent enough to pick up nutrition info if a photo is provided?

The OCR is processed immediatly but you have to click on the button Extract the ingredients from the picture.


You just need to manually ask for the OCR. In general, the results are quite good.

No unfortunately, extracting nutrition facts is very hard (we’re working on it but it’s a very long effort).

Thanks, that was helpful. The OCR is indeed good.

From the Add Ingredients label, it was not obvious to me that OCR will extract. Only after I went to the edit mode, I saw the Extract ingredients option.