How to export everything from one data-source?

How can i export everything from one data-source, for example app-yuka (App-yuka)? Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Pascal!

Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible using the Open Food Facts website. You will have to use one of the different exports of the database.
The following page is describing many ways to filter data from exports: Reusing Open Food Facts Data - Open Food Facts wiki

The data_source field is not exported in the daily CSV export. If you absolutely need to filter this field, you will have to use the JSONL export or the database full export.

One of the easiest way to filter data is to use the Mirabelle platform which allows to request last CSV export (see “products” database), but the data_source is not included because it’s based on the daily CSV export.

Could you tell us what you want to achieve, maybe we can find other ways to go for it.

Hi @charlesnepote,

Thank you for your quick answer!

I want to filter app-yuka as datasource to check if the data quality is high enough to apply algorithms ( to calculate micronutrients based on the ingredient list. The computer scientist im working with is currently busy but I am confident he will be able to handle the JSONL export. Thanks again for helping out!

Really interesting!

Could you share (even when you’re finished if it’s still not discloseable) how do you calcolate the product quality?

It could be useful for creating more quality checks on OFF.