How to handle newer products

Hi, I just edited an existing product which had already two products whit the same EAN.
What to do with the oldest version?

The product : 32 91960 00603 5
The latest version is Olive Douce

If we know for sure that the older product is not sold anymore, in any country, then we can mark it as “obsolete”. It’s something we do in particular when manufacturers tell us that some of their products are not sold anymore.

Thanks for your reply Stéphane.
Now there are 2 versions in one record.
Can I delete the old one?

If I see it right, there is no versioning of any kind for the same product, which now exist in a modified version, so I update the data to the latest version.

There is versioning. Every change is saved and can be rollbacked to if necessary.

Yes, but you have to hit edit to see the history, and so I first don’t found it.