I'm not very willing to start a discussion in the Uncategorized category (but I think I should start this one)

We have categories for introductions, welcoming beginners, Open Food Facts in the world and announcements. And then we have this “Uncategorized” category for everything else.

I’m thinking a lot of interesting topics will in fact fall into this “Uncategorized” category. But its name is not very engaging, if I think something is important to post about, then I definitely don’t want it to be “Uncategorized”.

Maybe we could rename “Uncategorized” to “Discussions” for instance?

What do you think?


Yes, “Discussions” or “General discussions” or even “General” (category) sounds also better to me.

So I was going to rename “Uncategorized” to “Discussions”, but it turns out it is a special category:

While it’s possible to change the “Uncategorized” text to something else, it’s not really a category name, the uncategorized category does not actually have a category name.

So, I would be in favor of forcing the selection of a category, creating a new Discussions category, and deleting the uncategorized category.

Is that ok @charlesnepote @cquest ?

It’s ok for me. That’s a good solution.