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I’m in Canada. I would like to add new products and update the list of ingredients, but I don’t quite understand the proper way to do so. Lists of ingredients in Canada are bilingual. When I take a photo of the ingredients and do the auto-extraction, should I delete the ingredients in one of the languages?

I am using the mobile application (Android) in French so do I delete the ingredients in English? If so, does the system automatically detect and translate the corresponding English ingredients or do I need to do both languages manually and if so, how? Similar question for tags and taxonomy.


Hi Polarmo,
The language that will be used is the language that you selected in App Settings. I don’t think that you can have more than 1 language at a time using the App.

I would suggest to contribute in 2 steps:

  1. scan and contribute with the App but for 1 language only (in that case, yes you can delete the ingredients for the other language)
  2. edit the product on the website. Add a new language. Add the ingredients in the second language.

Remark: if you use the website, you will see a “main language” (I think that it is the one used for caculating the nova score and see which ingredients are known and unknown) and then you have a tab for each language of the product (in your case you would like to click on “Add a language” and add the second language)

Don’t know for the App but for the website you can select the area where the ingredients are. It is quite easy to extract the ingredients and correct te typo after.

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On the new app you still can’t AFAIK, but it’s planned. On the old Android app you could’ve selected the language on a per product basis.

Also, welcome to the forum @polarmo!

Thank you both for the clarifications. I don’t think it will be practical to do both languages so I will focus on French and leave the English to others. It would seem per your answers that this should work well enough. On a related note, is the website available in French? I have not managed to change the language.

You can select the country from the top-left dropdown.

For Canada it would be

Bonjour @polarmo ! Here is the URL for Open Food Facts Canada in French:
Thanks a lot for adding and completing products!