Multiple bar codes for same product (Grouping products)

Is it possible to group together or assign multiple bar codes to the same item. For example, I have noticed these two products which are basically the same thing :

It can be bought at Costco in Canada as a box of 6 x 115g (6 tins in the same cardboard box). The first barcode is the individual tin itself whereas the second is the barcode for the cardboard box.

Is it possible to associate different barcodes to each other or assign both codes to the product in the database?


Hi and welcome @polarmo :slight_smile:

I think this is one thing which could be done with folksonomy engine, which is not currently accessible to everyone (but should be, soon) !

see Display Folksonomy Engine to every logined user that asks it · Issue #8051 · openfoodfacts/openfoodfacts-server · GitHub

Thanks Alex, I look forward to it.