New on the platform, my name is Pablo

Hi everybody. I am Pablo from Spain, I move throughout the territory because my first job is to be a soldier. If anyone comes to Zaragoza and wants to talk about programming and health, welcome. I have no computer science studies but I am sure that a cool application will come out using the data from openfoodfacts to make Spain a healthier country if possible, because here with the Mediterranean diet older people are safe… people of my generation maybe not so much. Greetings to all

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Hi Pablo, nice to meet you !
On Open Food Facts Spain there is 320,000 products today, so everyone is welcome to grow it with products from their weekly groceries :slight_smile:
The El Coco app, one of our reusers, is also very active in Spain. We are on very good terms with them.
Recently, I was reading about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in this interesting article: Has the “Mediterranean Diet” Ever Existed? | FoodUnfolded

And even more interestingly, from the same platform, this post:
"In a world where dietary choices are negatively impacting both personal well-being and the health of our planet, the Mediterranean Diet is often highlighted for its health and sustainability benefits. But what if its advantages could extend beyond the shores of the Mediterranean? Enter the concept of the Planeterranean Diet.

Developed by UNESCO, this diet encourages countries to rediscover their heritage and create healthier dietary patterns based on traditional and local foods. The theoretical diet adapts principles of the Mediterranean Diet to local contexts worldwide, emphasizing plant-based, locally sourced ingredients.

What would this diet look like in your region?

Source: Colao et al. (2022)"

Hey Gala, what a good article. Yes, I know coconut, I have used it sometimes. I’m a bit of a technology geek, and even more so if it’s related to the world of health, I’m always trying new things.

Unfortunately I can’t download the database of all the landowner foods (there are about 9k, but I can’t get hold of them, error 504).

The Mediterranean diet in Spain is very similar to what the article indicates. Olive oil, nuts, fruits, vegetables, cereals and protein (meats, fish, eggs).

In Valencia, my hometown, for example, there is a dish called paella that is nutritionally very complete (rice, meat (chicken and rabbit), vegetables (green beans and kidney beans) and saffron)

In general, the reason that health in this area of ​​​​the Mediterranean has not been as diminished as in the rest of the countries is that here we do not stop using fats as a food source (unfortunately, in the 70s-80s in the US , the idea was generated that fats were terrible and left room for carbohydrates of all kinds to become part of the usual diets, and without demonizing any macronutrient that was a disaster). If you want to obtain knowledge about macronutrients and their relevance in human physiology, I do a lot of reading on a regular basis, but “everything can be summarized” in the book ‘the obesity code’ by doctor Jason Fung, a gem, and that can surely debunk quite a few myths for you. Greetings and in contact. Oh, is it possible that by opening the app on different devices with the same account, the lists that are created are saved in local storage and are not synchronized in any way on the two phones, right? Because the lists created on one mobile do not appear on another :frowning:

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Hey Pablo,
you can also join our Slack, we also have a #spain channel where you might be able to connect with other Spanish contributors if you wanted to.

Can you share a link towards the database you’re trying to download? In case we can help you…

The Obesity Code sounds interesting. I am reading the Bas Kast book The Diet Compass which is also quite insightful.

I’ll ask the app question on our Slack in #mobile-app channel & get back to you !

The mobile lists are locally stored.