OPEN FOOD FACTS DAYS 2023 in October 🎉


:uk: Our community gathering - the Open Food Facts Days - will be in October this year!

Read all about it in the latest blog post & don’t forget to sign up if you are keen to attend ! (limited number of places, so don’t wait too long :wink: )

Can’t wait to be there !

:fr: Notre weekend de la communauté, les Journées Open Food Facts , auront lieu en octobre cette année

Lisez tous les détails dans le dernier article du blog et n’oubliez pas de vous inscrire si vous souhaitez y participer ! (nombre de places étant limité, n’attendez pas trop longtemps)

Déjà hâte d’y être !

:tv: PROMO VIDEO (You're invited to the Open Food Facts Days 2023 🍊🎉 - YouTube)

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:memo: Here’s a freshly-made wiki page with further information: Open Food Facts Days 2023 - Open Food Facts wiki

:bangbang: Please note : that this is an in-person event only . We ask you not to register to the event, if you do not plan to attend in person. If you have registered but won’t be attending in person, we kindly ask you to let us know for logistical reasons. Thank you.

We will not be doing a live transmission this year. However, the sessions should be available soon following the physical event. On our Youtube channel, you can already watch the recorded sessions from last year’s edition! Big up to @Edouard Marquez for filming & making it available.

:person_tipping_hand: If you are coming & would like to present a lightning talk to the other members, your proposals are more than welcome on the table on the wiki page.

If you missed our community weekend 2023, not to worry, there will be one in 2024 :wink:
However, we’ve prepared a little look back with lots of photos : Open Food Facts Days 2023: celebrating community – Open Food Facts blog

We hope you’ll be able to join us in 2024 ! :man_running: :running_man:

A community that stands together for food transparency ! :fist: