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Citizen science in action :person_tipping_hand: :woman_scientist: :woman_technologist:

What do we mean by citizen science ? (According to Wikipedia)
Citizen science (similar to community science , crowd science , crowd-sourced science , civic science , participatory monitoring, or volunteer monitoring ) is scientific research conducted with participation from the general public (who are sometimes referred to as amateur/nonprofessional scientists).”

One of the benefits of Open Food Facts’ crowdsourced open data is that researchers from all over the world use it to conduct scientific studies on various topics.

Here are two recent examples from the United Kingdom

  1. The Better Food Index: a ranking of the 30 largest food and drinks companies in the UK on their actions and commitments towards a fair and sustainable food system.

According to Maddy Diment, Lead Researcher at Tortoise, “This data analysis was made possible by the open-source database at Open Food Facts.”

  1. A study by Sarah E. Nájera Espinosa (Nutrition & Climate researcher and PhD Candidate at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to observe the availability of novel plant-based foods across different supermarkets and rate their healthiness and sustainability.