Open Food Facts gets a new visual identity!

2022 is particularly special for us, because Open Food Facts is turning 10!
In 10 years and a few feats later:
:earth_africa: Open Food Facts is now in 182 countries,
:chocolate_bar: with 2.3 million food products on the database,
:selfie: + 2.9 million scans via our mobile app in 2021,
:eyes: + 2.7 M monthly visitors on our website, and not to mention…
:raised_hands: over 20,000 contributors without whom all this would have been impossible!

So to celebrate these collective achievements, Open Food Facts has undergone some ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (in the words of Bowie).

To take us into the next chapter of the Open Food Facts adventure, we are putting on a brand new visual identity, more accessible, in tune with the times and easily identifiable.

Read all about it on our latest blog post.


I like the design! Very clever how the different variants are supported.

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