Open Food Facts in London


Quick intro :raising_hand_woman:: I’m Gala, community animator on the Open Food Facts small permanent team.

I will be in London from the 24-27th of October and was wondering if it could be an opportunity for some of our members living there to meet, connect & talk about Open Food Facts and food & nutrition more generally.

But before organising anything, I just want to see if people are interested and/or available that week. If you are, please let me know at this email: or by messaging me on Slack (if you are on it).

Also, if you have some places in mind we could use for such a community meet-up (this time or in the future), would love to hear from you. (We are a non-profit association, maybe there are specific places designed for non-profits…)

Have a wonderful day,
Gala :sunflower:

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