Product evolution support

All products will evolve over time, the packaging might change, the ingredients might evolve, labels can be added and finally a product can be taken off the market and the barcode can be reused.
At the moment OFF does not support evolution. Just the latest information is shown. It would be nice to have some help before full scale support.
Can the folkosonomy come to the rescue? We might introduce some standard tags that help here. For instance:

  • evolutions: which indicates how many evolutions a product has on OFF;
  • evolution-versions-i: the product versions (a list) that correspond to evolution i
  • evolution-images-i: the image numbers (a list) that correspond to evolution i;

At least this will encode any evolutions that we see, which might come in use later.

We have a project to do that: identify and keep track of product evolutions, and store them in fact as separate product pages, each with their own photos and data.

It would require a lot of efforts though, so we are trying to get it financed. We have a project description in French in a Google Doc, but it would certainly be very useful to also have an English version on the wiki.

Great. In the mean time I add the tag evolutions=, to indicate the number of evolutions the product went through.