Some fields missing from the database (product_name_en ,off:ecoscore_data.agribalyse.code)

Hello i am emile a software developper , really happy to be part of the community .Some fields missing from the database (product_name_en ,off:ecoscore_data.agribalyse.code)
in the database provide here on the link below : many fields are missed such as the product name in differents language and the agb code but when we download a result of a search which is below a 10000 lines we obtains all the fields that are need. Could you please help me on a way to get all the datas with all the differents fields ?
Thank you in advance

Hello and welcome to the community and to the forum!

If I understand correctly you’re using the CSV export. From the wiki:

It contains all the products, but with a subset of the database fields.

Have you tried using the JSONL daily export or the MongoDB daily export? You can find them on the wiki.