Track 2: Personal app

Personal app: Users learn about the scores of their food in a matter of weeks, and might loose interest in Open Food Facts as they feel their learning journey is complete. Part of the reason Open Food Facts was so successful is that it went from generic health/environment messages to product specific ones. One way to be even more impactful and useful is for those messages to be more personal. It might also have positive side impact on retaining users on the long term, as they accrue value and data within Open Food Facts (like personal settings, favorite products or receipts) that we can use to improve sustained value, and a better experience.

How does the track work?

The discussion will take place in this thread.

If you’re interested, you can first register in the working document dedicated to the track (just add your name at the beginning).

Then you can have a look at all the ideas already shared on the white board.

And finally, you can enter the discussion here. For example, with the help of the white board, you can share what are the 3 main features you would like to develop in this track, and explain why.

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I’ve always been keen on the idea that people can create lists, whether these are shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, etc. with quantities against each item so that we can calculate overall scores, such as Nutriscore and Ecoscore / carbon footprint. We could also highlight key facets (e.g. allergens, vegan, kosher, etc.) to help people when they are planning meals for others who have specific needs / preferences.

Maybe this overlaps a bit with the “Open Food Facts for several” theme so I would constrain it to personal lists rather than sharing those lists with others.

From our point of view, OFF has all the details about the products. To leverage this, this needs to be linked to what the user actually consumes.

  1. Since the user buys what she or he consumes, the item “Astonish/Magically recognize everything that’s in my shopping cart” appears to be the key for personalization.
  2. To implement the “magic” from the previous feature, receipt reading seems to be the only viable option that doesn’t require cooperation with the sellers/supermarkets/grocery stores. “Shopping Receipt/OCR” would then be the next step.
  3. This in turn enables features such as “Induce Change/Food assistant”. Or what @JohnGom mentioned, i.e. overall scores.

Sorry for being late with our reply. We got the deadline mixed up :confused: