Track 5: Open Food Facts for family, groups, and professionals

Open Food Facts for several – families, friends, colleagues, patients, and more kinds of groups.

Eating is a necessity for every individual, but often this activity is eminently social: as a family, with friends or colleagues, accompanied by professionals, or as part of communities of interest (orphan diseases, fans, taster communities, solidarity grocery shops, etc.), we have to select products, buy them, check their stock, sometimes recommend them, and so on.
Working together on food issues increases our knowledge and makes us more aware of healthier and more environmentally-friendly food. Let’s build an app for any type of group, from 2 to hundreds (or even more?)!

How does the track work?

The discussion will take place in this thread.

If you’re interested, you can first register in the working document dedicated to the track (just add your name at the beginning).

Then you can have a look at all the ideas already shared on the white board.

And finally, you can enter the discussion here. For example, with the help of the white board, you can share what are the 3 main features you would like to develop in this track, and explain why.

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I’d be very interested in exploring how to better address the needs of groups. I would suggest to rename the track “Open Food Facts for groups”, as I think you need a word after “several”, at first I thought the post title was cut.

My English is not sufficient to appreciate, but I was wondering if we are talking about “groups” or usages between persons which could not be spontaneously thought as “group”. If I read Open Food Facts for groups, I’m not thinking about usages between only two people, I’m not thinking about families, I’m not thinking about the possible relationship between a practician and his/her patient, etc. That’s why I wrote Open Food Facts for several.

Some usages “for several” could be different from groups usages. Eg. as a diabetic, I would like to share my daily food intake with my doctor for a few weeks.

Maybe we can list use cases and decide after that?

Perhaps the right term is “Open Food Facts for sharing”?

Interesting idea. Maybe we can see the title after and start to gather all the ideas related to it. I guess this will help to find a good title.

Below, I tried to classify the ideas we have collected on the white board. Maybe I missed some of them, don’t hesitate to tell.

:point_right: If one ask you to choose 3 or 4, what would you retain?


  • help people think about sharing food to their relatives (eg. if I favorite a food)
  • share the products you love on your profile / publish my best food list for other users to see and put this info in OFF to help decision
  • use this favorite information in search (as we use number of scans)
  • share some users ratings on products (taste but not only) subjective data
  • Viral features: #shareyourfridge: show people what’s in your fridge
  • Share and learn recipes using ingredients

Find products or people:

  • Tell me which neighbour has semi-skimmed milk he can share
  • Find ambassadors for each country, maybe even city
  • ask other users alternative to a product (in a certain localization)

Shopping lists

One of the main usages is the shopping lists. All the features suggested are not necessary for groups but they also make sense for them.

  • shared list
  • items usually bought
  • tick when you buy live (see for example Google keep)
  • List of product and quantity. Specify how many people and how many days
  • OFF calculates aggregated information as per the interests of the user, e.g. total packaging, carbon footprint, water used, nutritional information, allergens, etc.
  • Suggest alternative products that get user closer to their goal, e.g. reduce packaging, increase protein, etc.
  • Maybe interface with supermarket web site to import / generate online shopping list

ORGANIZE PLACES (my home, shared kitchen…)

Places are often used by more than one people (families, groups, …).

  • pantry inventory can be shared between multiple users (for example purchase going on vacation for a group) etc.
  • Help me explore my pantry, with the same views in the app and on the website
  • Have a “virtual fridge” and/or kitchen shelf
  • notifications when shared lists changes
  • Additional information about when food is non-edible vs. edible (example stages of ripeness)
  • Notify me about products recalls

ORGANIZE GROUPS (families, people with disabilities…)

  • shared list with all the features we mention for identified groups or places inventorizing
  • compute environmental impact of my family / house

Other features relevant for groups?

Some features might not be related to this explicitly, but are targeting the family:

  • compute environmental impact of my family / house
  • Problem: I want to convince my family & friends to change their diet (health & climate)

These are targeting individuals, but they could also be interesting for groups:

  • calorie tracker (choosing products in your OFF history)
  • budget calculator for tracking prices of products near you and environmentally and nutritive best options within a budget and area

Other features which were NOT on the white board

I added some ideas which were not on the board.

  • track my menus and share it with my health professional
  • find nice people based on my fridge content, my favorite foods, etc.

@JohnGom @stephane thanks to a good idea from @stephane, I have changed the title of the track to: “Open Food Facts for family, groups, and professionals” which is far more clear.