Unique product key to store as a product reference to query Open food facts API

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I’m trying to build a new app based on flutter and it will contain grocery products. I would like to use the additional information provided by open food facts to show additional like e.g. nutritional information.
I’ve seen that there is dart package for the Open food facts API

Now I’m thinking about how I could store a references (unique ID) for the correct 1:1 relation of my products to the open food facts API to be able query these products via API and get additional information. → Which would be a unique key for products in Open food facts database (e.g. Product class - openfoodfacts library - Dart API)?
e.g. I would have the information of a product like name, brand, quantity, … but not the barcode.
Would the barcode be a good choice for a unique key per product and to be able to query the API
(I would also try to get barcode per product and then query the API via barcode)?
Would this be unique key per product? Or do you have better ideas?
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AFAIK the barcode is the only unique key in the DB. I don’t think we expose more ids via the API.

@stephane do we?

Hi VaiTon, thank you for your response. In this case I will go ahead with the barcode as unique key as reference to the Open food facts DB.

Glad I could help!

Also, we do collect apps that make use of the DB so feel free to DM me (or create a post) when and if you want to add it!