Eggs are classified as Non-vegetarian but

Eggs are classified as Non-vegetarian in India (and I guess most parts of the world) but for this product that I added, the Ingredient analysis shows as Vegetarian.

Packaging of Non-vegetarian food have a “brown color-filled triangle inside a square with a brown outline” symbol and a green dot symbol for vegetarian packaged food.

I noticed that the eco-score for this package was shown as D whereas for another randomly searched brand it showed eco-score as B and for another as C although all 3 are shown to emit 319 g CO² per 100g of product. Shouldn’t the eco-score be the same for all 3 or is there any other reasoning that I’m missing?

Yes eggs are vegetarian in the rest of the world, so better use vegan.

Hi @krishanti , if you click on the Eco-Score, you will see the details of the computation. On top of the LCA analysis (the carbon footprint), there are also bonuses and maluses for production labels, origins of ingredients, and packaging.

Thanks @stephane , that helps understand. In my humble opinion, eco-score should not be generated if there is info missing to calculate rather than giving it a lower score. To make this clear to readers, there can be a small notice below the badge that eco-score could not be generated as info to calculate score is missing.

Considering Eggs are classified as Non-vegetarian in India (& any products containing eggs like cakes are also Non-vegetarian) and as the product mentioned is relevant only to India, please see if in the Ingredient analysis, it is NOT shown as Vegetarian for eggs & any other items that carry a brown triangle symbol.