Hello, I’m Jerome, from France

Hello everyone :smiley:,

I have been a project manager for many years and I have a dual education (business school and IT development). I live in France and I have participated for more than 15 years in the development of specialized software in the world of commerce (fashion, food, etc.)

Recently, I initiated a new project which is an ecosystem which makes it possible to follow the evolution of food prices on a daily basis in the majority of stores in France. The ultimate idea is to offer consumers of food products the ability to shop at the best price and with an identified product quality.

The Open Food Facts project will make it possible to integrate into this ecosystem the notion of product quality which is so important to consumers, this will allow them to make informed purchases at the best price.

If I can contribute to Open Food Facts, I will also be very happy because your project is really ambitious and useful to all of us.

Thank you for welcoming me among you.


Welcome again :slight_smile:

BTW are you aware of our current project to imagine the future of our mobile app. We are now starting phase 3 (investigation of different possible tracks)

Hi @JayBsy !

You mentioned prices, there’s a discussion here on current & future ways to integrate price data directly inside OpenFoodFacts databases.

How does your project currently fetch & integrate price data ? Don’t hesitate to answer in the other thread :slight_smile:

Thanks & welcome !

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