Towards 1 million users (and beyond) for Open Food Facts Mobile App

Towards 1 million users (and beyond) for Open Food Facts Mobile App

Choosing a path together


Last year, we built a new mobile app for Open Food Facts. We are very proud of it, and it’s already used by thousands of people. Now we would like this app to reach an even larger audience that will use it regularly:

  • we want food transparency to benefit many people to have a wide impact on health, environment and value distribution,
  • we’re a crowdsourced project, based on the work of thousands of contributors all over the world: today’s users are tomorrow’s contributors,
  • this app could be a tool in the hands of a large community of passionate people acting to change our food consumption for the better.

We would like to build together a vision for the app, and collectively decide how we should try to reach this goal. What should Open Food Facts app — or even apps — look like to reach a maximum of people? This gives the opportunity to work all together.

Who can participate ?

EVERYONE :person_raising_hand:. The community needs you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:.

There is no specific set of skills you need to have to participate in this collaborative work.

Just an interest in making the food landscape more transparent & equipping consumers to be better informed.


Here we detail the whole process we want to implement. Some of us will participate in many activities, but feel free to only engage in the one you can.

I don’t have much time, how can I participate?

If you don’t have much time, you may just:

  • propose your ideas during phase 3: come to the first meeting to share your ideas, or write a post on the forum.
  • participate in the evaluation poll in phase 5: wait for the poll and give your opinion.
  • By the way, if you don’t have time, you can also give money to the project :slightly_smiling_face:


Save the date(s) at a glance

April 24: Brainstorming session 1st meeting - 18h CET
May 2: Consolidation / Creative meeting #1 - 18h CET
May 10: Consolidation / Creative meeting #2 - 18h CET
May 17: Consolidation / Creative meeting #3 - 18h CET
May 22: Investigating phase: Kick off meeting - 18h CET
User poll period: June 2-19
June 26: Polling presentation meeting - 18h CET
Community poll: June 27- July 7
July 10-14: Final decision process :raised_hands:

Details of the process

We propose the following achievements and planning.

Phase 1 — defining the project

  • This is the page you are reading :slightly_smiling_face:

Phase 2 — announcing the project

In this phase, we invite everyone to read this page and save the dates for future events. At the end of this phase, we would like to gather hundreds of contributors motivated to participate, and who have already booked their agenda to do so.

What can I do?

  • participate by spreading the word on forums / groups that could be interested
  • possibly present Open Food Facts to other potential participants — (see presentation kit)
  • show my interest, by posting on this current forum thread: what would I like to do? What particular skills can I bring?

Phase 3 — Brainstorming

This is the creative phase. At the end of this step, we should have 3 to 5 potential directions for developing the application.

We meet, write, discuss ideas and build a collective map where we group and merge ideas.

  • We will start with a first online meeting on April 24th, to launch the project: it will be the first creative workshop to sketch some ideas.
  • Everyone can contribute to more ideas by running local or online meetings, or just writing her/his thoughts. Every idea is reported on a white board with a link to add more detail. During those brainstorms, we do not criticize ideas (either positively or negatively), the only questions that can be asked are to clarify the meaning.
  • A specific team is constituted for curation of the white board, they read every proposal, possibly ask for more precision and try to group ideas that have something in common.
  • Every week we will have a consolidation meeting where we review the current state of the whiteboard with a four steps process:
    • the curation team explains the state of the whiteboard (merged ideas, big groups, eventual outsiders),
    • followed by a round of positive critics,
    • followed by a round of negative critics,
    • and closed by a round of feeling and emotions
  • The last meeting on May 17h proceeds as the previous but with a last step to decide the 3 to 5 directions that would be selected for the next phase.

Phase 4 — Investigating each idea - team based

In this phase, we want to build 3 to 5 concrete projects based on the selected ideas. 3 to 5 teams will explore the ideas: write users’ stories, maybe sketch mock-ups, but also reflect on the project’s impact, market fit, success factors, risks, macro-planning, etc.

This phase will also produce metrics thanks to a dedicated survey, built by each team with the help of the Open Food Facts permanent team.

The achievement of the phase is a presentation of each idea using a dedicated framework, including a 5 minutes pitch.

  • Weeks 1 and 2: online meetings of the teams.
  • End of week 2: questions for the survey.
  • Week 3: launch of the survey.
  • End of week 4: presentation of the ideas.

Phase 5 - Polling the different potential directions

Based on the previous phase, we want to survey everyone who is part of the community to help choose the right vision.

This survey will be consultative, advisory and qualitative.

  • A meeting on June 26th presents the results of the previous phase.
  • An online form enables everyone to give their opinion. We will concentrate on understanding enthusiasm for each direction, eventual blocks or additional ideas that may complement it.

Phase 6 - Final choice

We hope that this process will lead to a shared vision, and maybe a consensus will arise naturally. This may be a direction from phase 4, or maybe a combination of some of them with some adaptations.

In case we have to decide between one or more competing ideas with no clear consensus, the Board’s members of the Open Food Facts association will be solicited to decide.

Anyway, whatever direction we choose, we’re an open source project and all ideas and projects can find their ways.


Looking forward to contributing! I am new to the project and would like to offer my development skills to the team. I’m experienced in Java / Springboot and JS / React programming. I can also help with CSS / UI work.

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Welcome @laurencun! It would be great to have your help. The app is developed in Flutter, but we have lots of projects that use JS, React and CSS. And we definitely help in UI/UX as well. Have you joined our Slack already?

Not sure if it is the place to add suggestions, but:

  • a Hunger Games (only) app would be nice (useful when you are idle during 5 minutes)
  • suggesting interesting products based on
    • a single product and your food preferences
    • your product history
  • adding prices, one way or the other. Maybe just with “relative” prices (e.g. comparing all Jordan’s cereal prices in one shop at a given time, and saying that product A is 15% more expensive than product B)

Thank you @monsieurtanuki , if you haven’t done it already, you can also put your ideas on this board.

I did move @monsieurtanuki ideas to excalidraw