Hi from the Canary Islands!

Hello from the Canary Islands.
I use Open Food mainly to check for alternatives as we have a child with allergies.
It’s a luck to be able to have those tools were the global consumer meet.
Happy to be here and help.


Hello Juana,
Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, so nice to have you here :slight_smile:

Can you tell is us a bit how you use OFF in your daily life to prevent an allergic reaction. And can there be things improved?

Hello, actually we can only use it to fin out other alternatives that then we have to check if they are safe or not. We are members of a Facebook group “afectados aplv” where all members share their findings on safe and unsafe trademarks due to their politics and processing places and the allergens present during the transformation process.
The problem with the safety of the different trademarks is that we have to regularly check back if they are still compilant with the food security or they have changed providers or processing firms. They are legally obligated to publish a list of their products and allergens contained, but not all declare traces.

it would be great if openfoodfacts could be complemented by:
Tracking allergens responsability bills from producers
Tracking processing plants and the ingredients used on their produce as possible crossing contamination allergens.
Unrelated to this, a budget calculator for traking prices of products near you and environmentally and nutritive best options within a budget and area will be great and could push the collaboration on the app, as a crowded source of better economy and nutrition.

Just some thoughts I share here.

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I added your ideas to our current brainstorm about future of the application. (in the excalidraw)