[Next mobile app] Presentation and first brainstorming

This is the first online meeting for the project Towards 1 million users (and beyond) for Open Food Facts Mobile App.

  • We will briefly present the project.
  • We will start the brainstorming on a big digital whiteboard.

No need to register, but it’s helpful if you click on the [Going] button.
Don’t forget to add it to your calendar :slight_smile:

:link: videoconference link.

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The first meeting of the Next Mobile App is tonight! At 18h CET, we will very quickly introduce the project to build together a vision for the new app, and then will dive in the first brainstorming session.

We will take collaborative notes here, and use a digital white board to record ideas.

Are you able to participate? Then click on “Going” button at the top of this forum post, and join us tonight in Google Meet!