Open Food Facts app on F-droid

Last year, to mark the 10th anniversary of Open Food Facts, we launched our new mobile app on Android and iOS. Completely redesigned, it’s more fun, personalised and ready to welcome new features as part of our “One million users for the Open Food Facts mobile app” co-construction.

As a result, since 2022, the app has been available on both mobile app stores, namely Google Play and the App Store. In the middle of the year, we also made it available on the Amazon App Store (and consequently on Windows 11 in the Microsoft Store).

What about open-source stores?

Open code is at the heart of Open Food Facts’ DNA, and both Google Play and the Apple App Store are closed platforms. There is, however, F-Droid, which is an open Android app store.

We’ve already published our old apps there, but not yet our new one… and the good news is that you can now install it there!

Why F-Droid and not Google Play?

The application available on F-Droid is not completely identical to the one on Google Play, because we make sure that we only use open-source dependencies. As a result, the MLKit brick provided by Google has been abandoned in favour of ZXing, which we already used.

Another big advantage of F-Droid is that it generates the different versions of the application itself. This ensures that the open source code is used and that no malicious code is injected.

Big thanks :raised_hands:

Once again, we’d like to thank all the contributors who took part in the development of the app, and in particular Marvin, who made sure the publication was set up on F-Droid.